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The Fattoria Teatina Extra Vergine Olive Oil is the result of a careful selection of the best olives of the owend olive groves in the hilly territory of Chieti and Pescara area.
Training system is named polyconic vase. The age of the olive groves is about 150 years old.
The collection and transformation system follows some crucial phases. The harvest takes place between October 20th and November 30th. The olives picked by hand, are immediately transported to the oil mill for the grinding. The oil obtained is immediately decanted to remove any dirt, and it is left to rest in containers steel under nitrogen.


Characteristics: color dark green just grinded, it becomes yellow after a few months. The nose opens full and rich, with notes of artichoke. At full taste with a slightly fruity tones. Enhances the quality of raw vegetables and grilled in general. Acidity, expressed as oleic acid 0.17%. When stored in a cool place without light retains its own characteristics for about 24 months.

Serving suggestions: soup cod and potatoes; linguine with shrimp and scampi in foil; fresh cheese is a soft cheese; grilled white meats; red meat into tartar.


500 ml bottle

6x500 ml Box

3 liter can

5 liter can

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The vineyards of Fattoria Teatina lie here, between Chieti and Torrevecchia Teatina, within this small world, on gentle slopes. Wholesomeness and quality as being values and objectives at the same time.

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